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250,000 children denied mental health support

According to a Guardian article posted this month, the NHS has failed to treat 250,000 children with mental health problems. One third of referrals that have been made have been refused.

NHS trusts are regularly failing to treat 60% of children referred by their GP and current wait times are up to three years for their initial appointment. The longest wait recorded was 217 weeks!

With a lot of the children on my case load having mental health problems, I have seen the extreme effect this has on both the children and their families. This places extra pressure on these children’s parents that are already having to fight so hard.

In 2021-2022, 54 NHS Mental Health Trusts raised the threshold they held for offering support to under 18’s with mental health problems.  This ended with hundreds of thousands of children being denied treatment.

Along with the increased demand for services, many services are experiencing a major shortage of psychiatrists and specialist nurses.

There has been a large increase in children being seen in crisis and hospitalised. If these children had access to early intervention, these cases may have been prevented.

The guardian reports that numerous children have attempted suicide after failing to meet the new threshold.

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