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Education recovery in early years: spring 2022

On 4 April 2022 the government published guidance on the recovery of early years education following the pandemic.

This briefing draws on inspection evidence gathered in the spring 2022 term and discussions with early years inspectors about the ongoing implications of the pandemic on children.

The findings in short were:

· The pandemic has continued to affect children’s communication and language development, and many providers noticed delays in their speech and language progress. Providers are making more referrals for external help than before the pandemic and are waiting longer for this specialist help.

· The negative impact on children’s personal, social and emotional development has also continued, with many children lacking confidence in group activities.

· Some providers continue to notice delays in babies’ physical development and a delay in the development of gross motor skills.

· Providers have adapted the ways they keep parents informed and involved in their child’s progress throughout the pandemic. For example, some have used digital methods, such as video calls and secure messaging platforms, and telephone calls to contact parents.

· Providers reported difficulties retaining high-quality staff. This has left some providers with fewer skilled practitioners. These difficulties have affected the quality of teaching and the implementation of catch-up strategies.

Read the full guidance here 

If your child is struggling to access education in an early years setting, don’t forget that you can ask for an Education Health and Care Assessment of their needs from birth under Part 3 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Although it has been reported that there is a general delay in learning of young children, there are also many children that have required assessments in lockdown that have flown under the radar.

It is generally known that early intervention is key and can be life changing to the opportunities available to disabled people at a later stage in life.

If you are struggling to access services for your pre-schooler or you are worried about your child’s educational progress please feel free to contact me for an informal chat.

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